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    Who is managing our Supply Chains?

    Career Patterns, Success Factors & Talent Development of today's Supply Chain & Logistics Managers


    We are conducting a number of surveys in our research project. Your support is highly appreciated. Please find a short overview on recent surverys and the links below.

    SCM vs. Logistics Survey

    While the term "Supply Chain Management" (SCM) celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012, avid debates about the exact definition of this business field continue every day. Confusion also exists about the connection between SCM and logistics. While the term “Logistics” has been used for centuries and is clearly defined, only few people are able to provide a precise definition for SCM. But what is Supply Chain Management then? What are the tasks of supply chain managers, which skills do they need to be successful and with which technical terms do they have to deal in their jobs? We would like to understand people's perspective and understanding on SCM and logistics in this survey.

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